Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Investment

When I posted the poem "To His Piano", I came across a collection of poems that it was in called The Music Lover's Poetry Anthology.  This is a wonderful collection of poems about music and musical instruments.  It was edited by Helen Handley Houghton and Maureen McCarthy Draper, and published by Persea Books in 2007.  Here's another entry, "The Investment" by Robert Frost.

Over back where they speak of life as staying
("You couldn't call it living, for it ain't"),
There was an old, old house renewed with paint,
And in it a piano loudly playing.

Out in the plowed ground in the cold a digger,
Among unearthed potatoes standing still,
Was counting winter dinners, one a hill,
With half an ear to the piano's vigor.

All that piano and new paint back there,
Was it some money suddenly come into?
Or some extravagance young love had been to?
Or old love on an impulse not to care -

Not to sink under being man and wife,
But get some color and music out of life?

- Robert Frost

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